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Madeira Island, Portugal (CALHETA & FUNCHAL)

The BEYOND Center of Excellence has been actively involved together with partners Geoapikonisis SA, Tre Altamira SA, and CIMA Foundation in the EMSN-031 activation launched in the framework of the EMS Risk & Recovery Activity of the Copernicus.

The BEYOND team contributed with its know-how and expertise to a service request from the Serviço Regional de Proteção Civil, IP - Região Autonoma da Madeira, Portugal,  for producing landslide risk assessment maps, considering the post-event situation of forest fires starting on 08/08/2016 on the island of Madeira. The area of interest is composed of two sites, comprising of Calheta and Funchal municipalities.

Madeira Island, Portugal - Maps Presentation

EMS Madeira Island - Slide 1

Funchal - Madeira

Landslide Risk Assessment - 2016

EMS Madeira Island - Slide 2

Calheta - Madeira

Landslide Risk Assessment - 2016

Madeira Island - Maps Gallery