Infrastructure and Capacity Building

  • The leader of this WP is Dr. Vassilis AMIRIDIS and his responsibilities will be:
  • To announce the calls for economic offers for each equipment and software to be purchased for the improvement of  IAASARS/NOA’s  infrastructure capacity as described in BEYOND;
  • Evaluate the economic offers submitted by the potential equipment and software providers;
  • Proceed to the procurement of the most appropriate and cost-effective infrastructures;
  • Supervise the integration of the purchased and existing infrastructure of IAASARS/NOA;
  • Deliver the report on the purchased infrastructure, including the commission offers from the providers and justification, if applicable, of the selected infrastructure’s provider;
  • Supervise the integration of components into the relevant RD (RD1, RD2, RD3) to achieve the ultimate objective of capacity building.