oil Viber 2019 10 17 13 04 11

BEYOND EO Center was mobilized to assess the spread of the oil spill in the Red Sea, and produced this map depicting the observed oil spill extent from the Iranian SABITI crude oil tanker, which was attacked on October 11th 2019 off Jeddah's coast.

The oil leak status has been captured by 2 Sentinel-1B (13-10-2019) and 2 Sentinel-1A (14-10-2019) satellite images, which were acquired by the Hellenic Mirror Site of BEYOND, NOA.

The length of the oil spill on the first day was estimated to be 489 km (in yellow color), while on the second day it was displaced around 450 km towards south-east, and its length was increased reaching 710 km (in pink color).

It is undoubtedly a large disaster, rendering a severe contamination effect.

BEYOND will continue to monitor the oil spill for the next few days in order to detect changes and assess the level of marine pollution.