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Hellenic Mirror Site is the official Copernicus data access point for Greece publicly serving satellite data from the Sentinels over the region of South & Southeastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa, in a timely manner. It is part of the Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment.


The objective of Hellenic Mirror Site is to be a reliable source of Copernicus Sentinel products for Greek and international users and organizations that want fast access to these data. So far, hundreds of users across the globe are using Hellenic Mirror Site, while multiple services that process Sentinel data for their own objectives are using it as their source.


1. Hellenic Mirror Site web interface - https://sentinels.space.noa.gr/dhus/

  1. Provides graphical searching capabilities to the satellite products archive. Users can get a list of products matching complex criteria, including the cloud coverage of the measurement, the relative orbit of the satellite when the measurement was taken, the sensing date and time, and more.
  2. Allows users to preview the metadata of a product and download it to their computer
  3. Provides the capability to the users to save their searches and get notified when new products matching their searches arrive.



2. Hellenic Mirror Site OData API – https://sentinels.space.noa.gr/dhus/odata/v1

  1. Supports the automated access and downloading of products and product metadata from user scripts through HTTPS

3. Hellenic Mirror Site OpenSearch API – https://sentinels.space.noa.gr/dhus/search

  1. Allows users to perform full-text search queries to locate available products matching complex criteria in an automated way through scripts



Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our system, give us suggestions for improvments, or report a malfunction!

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Dr. Haris Kontoes
Scientific Coordinator