12Research Associate | EO algorithms engineering

Themistocles Herekakis graduated in 2003 from the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, with a degree in Electronic Engineering and an M.Sc. degree in Advanced Informatics Computing Systems. He is working at IAASARS/NOA as a research associate, since August 2004

His expertise covers, Intelligent Technologies in Man-Computer Communications, Software Development of automated procedures, integrated web applications and relational databases, oriented in the process of real-time and archived data and Analysis of High Spatial Resolution Satellite data.

He was awarded for his significant contribution to the development of the FireHub EO based fire management service umbrella software project with the Best Service Challenge at the Copernicus-Masters Competition 2014:

He owns a patent (20150100061/ IPC G08B 17/00, owners: T. Herekakis, C. Kontoes) for the FireHub Service Application. The patent dossier was submitted to the Hellenic National Patent Office (Hellenic Industrial Property Organization).