PhD student-Research Associate

Stavroula Alatza holds a degree in Surveying Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She is a PhD student on SAR interferometry for monitoring Earth deformation, in School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of NTUA.


Since 2014 she is an active member of Higher Geodesy Laboraty and Dionysos Satellite Observatory of NTUA. She has participated in research activities of Dionysos Satellite Observatory, focusing on GNSS-InSAR data processing and time series analysis to monitor ground deformation in South Aegean region, as well as educational activities of Higher Geodesy Laboratory, in Satellite Geodesy and applications of Higher and Satellite Geodesy.

Research Interests

Earth observation and image processing. Ground deformation monitoring through geodetic observations. Time-series analysis with GPS/GNSS and InSAR data processing.