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BEYOND as part of its mandate has been actively participating to combat the COVID-19 pandemic since the early days of the pandemic outbreaks. All our actions aim to offering an integrated Risk Assessment and Early Warning Web ( ) portal leveraging official human case data, in-situ, media, and space derived parameters and assure applicability at various scales (global, national, regional, city/municipality) through direct connectivity with APIs to Official portals as ECDC, WHO, Institutional and International Health, and Civil Protection Agencies, Professions and general Public. The platform systematically monitors the global spread of the pandemic, and has been constantly expanding its functionality by integrating and combining different data sources and data analysis operations. The BEYOND's vision is to keep enhancing the platform and contribute with its work to minimize the societal and economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic by delivering a system that supports the enhanced decision and policy making across the entire value added chain.

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