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BEYOND at online AGU Fall Meeting with two presentations in the sessions B037 - Smart Farming and Natural Resource Management Enabled by Remotely Sensed Big Data II Posters and H203: Advancing Flood Characterization, Modeling, and Communication I. Our colleagues, Nikos Bartsotas and @Alexia Tsouni, will present the following topics.

- A Novel Approach on Smart Farming: Combining Past, Present and Future EO, Climatic and NWP datasets Towards an Integrated Crop Monitoring, Risk-Assessment and Yield Forecasting Suite, Nikolaos S Bartsotas, (


When? Wednesday, 9 December 2020; 14:00 PST

- FloodHub; An Integrated Near-Real-Time Flood Monitoring System in support of the decision makers based on Modeling, Multi-source EO and Crowdsourced data. Alexia Tsouni, (

When? Wednesday, 16 December 2020; 07:00 PST