As influencers in their respective sectors, the EO Evangelists will communicate the benefits of EO to industrial users and engage these users to further improve their operations by incorporating EO.

FIRE’s main objective is to unleash the full potential that EO can bring to society by boosting the innovativeness, productivity and competitiveness of businesses. EO is a source of rich data which can be used to monitor the land, oceans and atmosphere of our planet. The data serves as an input to create insights that can help optimise outputs across many sectors. Several satellite programmes provide such data, the largest being the European Copernicus programme. Satellite data has already been adopted and used in many sectors, opening-up niche markets, improving existing technologies’ performance and increasing end user satisfaction. However, a lack of awareness of benefits, skills, policies, or suitability of existing applications can hinder the uptake of EO.

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