Dissemination is a key element of the BEYOND proposed activities, and the project has been conceived on the basis of a clear understanding for the need of a powerful dissemination strategy. The dissemination will serve for broadcasting the knowledge and experience gained in BEYOND to the stakeholders. It will serve as a necessary support mechanism that will be exploited in all other activities of the project including the management. In order to maximize the impact of the project, efficient communicational channels will be established between BEYOND and users of the project results (e.g. policy makers, general public, scientific community, enterprises). The proposed dissemination activities are described in a devoted work-package (WP4). Here, we describe the expected impact anticipated for BEYOND per dissemination activity planned.

List of Activities

Mass media promotions at national level will be organized to promote and raise awareness Guest appearances on TV and radio shows and national newspapers will be used to ensure the access to the widest community. An electronic newsletter every six months to a predefined list of stakeholders (including journalists) will inform on BEYOND progress and project. The duration and appearance frequency on public media will be recorded as a measure of the dissemination to the public.

E-based dissemination activities are foreseen, including webinars for dissemination to students, researchers of related fields, private sector and users, on-line informing of the public authorities through dedicated links, online multimedia resources about natural disasters and related research to educate stakeholders. The webinars are specially designed to provide a comprehensive overview of different aspects of the EO. The success of dissemination will be measured through the number of attending webinars, as well as through the evaluation of knowledge gained by the attendants. For this, the attendants will be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess the knowledge he/she received.

Workshops, special sessions in conferences and meetings are foreseen, for the dissemination of results to EO community, project participants, public authorities, end-users and the public . Special meetings, such as GEO Workshops and participation in workshops organized by the BalkanGEONet and OBSERVE networks, attended by the consortium members, will serve as opportunities to further engage with the EO community, to collect feedback on project activities, to share knowledge and best practices, raise level of competence of the project participants and identify existing EO-data users in south-eastern Europe.

Promotional material: Promotional material (brochures , video  and presentations [related to will be released to universities and other research institutes. The promotional packages will be used to facilitate BEYOND activities, containing general information about EO, and their importance to the wider community, as well as the explanation of the main objectives of this project. The promotional packages will be also used to raise general public awareness about EO and the Project.

Open nights to the public: Raising awareness of the project of the non-scientific community is considered an important task for BEYOND, as access to project results should not simply be the prerogative of scientists and academic staff. The need for plain phrasings and the “translation” of project findings to a level that can be understood is important, because it can lead to an easier (and more accurate) take?up by the public. By addressing the broader community, the project will contribute to the achievement of an important horizontal effort in FP7: bridging the gap between science and all actors of society.


The transfer of knowhow that increases substantially BEYONDS’s outreach and competitiveness is ruled by principles and provisions for Intellectual Property (IP) protection, an issue which is thoroughly studied during the lifetime of the project, to achieve an efficient and appropriate use of project’s results. A specific strategic IP plan has been proposed (WP6), to ensure and reserve copyright rights for the Intellectual Property assets produced throughout the project and review or develop (as required) the relevant contractual framework. The IP plan focuses on measures in regard to anticipated innovative outcomes of BEYOND. For example, the measures will reserve copyright rights for the IP assets and ensure that confidential information will not be available by display through the website. The applicant will be consulted regarding IP issues by a Law firm specialised in the field (WP6). Among the objectives of this collaboration is to ensure BEYOND’s strategic IP plan includes measures for the maintenance and exploitation of the IP assets produced during the performance of the BEYOND project (e.g. know-how, computational algorithms and models, patents, information databases).
BEYOND seeks for the development and implementation of a clear exploitation plan to leverage the project's achievements.